Congratulations to Revved UP CrossFit Member of the Month, Caroline Muriama!


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am currently serving/employed in the West Virginia National Guard  

What is your most memorable CrossFit experience?

My most profound moment was nailing my first handstand!

Why did you try CrossFit?

Having spent the last ten years running religiously to include marathons I was finally plagued by an injury that meant giving up running for a bit. That compiled by peer pressure (Jess) I finally caved into trying CrossFit. 

What has been your biggest challenge or improvement?

My biggest challenge are all the workouts that require "dangling" on the bar (kipping, pull-ups etc.) It requires upper body strength and hip flexibility that I am still trying to master

What is your favorite workout?


What advice would you give to a new member?

Someone once joked that with CrossFit you walk in strong and crawl out stronger and since I started my CrossFit journey this is the one thing that holds true every day. Even though CrossFit is designed as a group workout it really is geared to improving your individual fitness level. CrossFit requires a great deal of internal patience, dedication, motivation and competition that each individual has to define on their own terms. Some days are harder than others, come days others progress while you stall and there are days of what seems like continuous pain all over your body with no end in sight. On the other spectrum there are those defining moments of mastering a skill and setting a personal record which are a testament to your hard work and progress. There are no two days of CrossFit that are the same and no matter how awful you feel progress is inevitable if you stick with it.
When I started CrossFit I struggled every day and each day I constantly reminded myself that pain was only weakness leaving my body. Nine months later and I am still convinced the struggle will never end, but the best part is I now have a laundry list of things I am good at and those I need to work on. THat is how I stay motivated and dedicated . #FortheLoveofCrossFit