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Our new CrossFit program features constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. Click to learn more about these classes.

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Why choose us? National certifications, education, facility, experience and results. Click on the image to learn more. 

Seasonal Classes & Team Training

We offer seasonal classes and team training year-round. Click the image to learn more, or view our calendar to see what classes are coming up next.

Our Philosophy

Whether you want to be bigger, faster, stronger, or simply improve your health, our P.L.U.S. system will help you reach your goals.

Our Sports Complex

Over 18,000 square feet of training space, with the latest in strength training equipment, 60 yards of turf, batting cages and more. Click on the photo for more stats about our sports complex.

Home School

Featuring a structure-based class with individual and group activities. Kids and parents will have the opportunity to interact with other home school families. Click on the photo to learn more.


5:30 AM Revved Up CrossFit WOD 4/17/14

(10′) Warm-up (10′) Strength: 4 Rounds -Front Squat x5, Seated Rope Pulls x10 yards, Sledge Hammer Slams x5 each (20′) WOD (for time) : 24 Push-ups buy in, 16-12-8 Clean and Press / Box Jumps, 48 sit-ups buy out. (10′) Foam Roller cool-down...

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5:30 / 8:30AM WOD 4/15/14

(10′)  Dynamic Warm-up (30′) WOD – Tax Day 1040: 40 Wall balls, 40 Calorie Row, 40 Push-ups, 40 Sledge Hammer Slams, 40 Toes to bar OR Knees to chest, 40 Walking Lunges (yards), 40 box Jumps, 40 Push Press, 40 KB Swings, 40 MB Seated Twist (10′) Foam Roller Cool-down            ...

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5:30AM WOD 4/8/14

(10′) Dynamic Warm-up (10′) technique – Power Snatch (20′) Hero WOD “Wood” (modified) 3 Rounds for time: 400m Run, 10 Burpee Box Jumps, 10 Sumo Deadlift high pulls, 10 Thrusters (10′) Cool-down foam rolling...

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8:30AM WOD 3/19/14

10′ Dynamic Warm-up, Tabata Circuit :20 ON/:10 OFF, 8 Rounds- Rowing / Stability Ball Elbow roll-outs and Knee tucks / Lateral Lunges / Prowler Runs / MB Clean and Press, 10′ Foam Roller Cool-down...

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5:30AM WOD 1/23/14

1. Dynamic Warm-up and stretch 2.Power Clean Squats x1/1/1/1/1 working to a 1RM 3. 15′ AMRAP – Power Clean Squats x5 @65-75%, Pistol Squats x10 each (band assisted), Sled Rows x15, Floor Swipes x20  4. 10′ flexibility cool-down...

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Genesis 5K Training Program Begins January 27

For beginning runners and walkers, training for a 5K can seem like a daunting task. But running coach Matt Young has developed the Genesis training program for just that purpose, to help beginning runners and walkers train for a 5K over 10 weeks. “Since 2007 Genesis has prepared new runners to run their first 5k and has helped experienced runners run their fastest 5K,’ says Young. “Through a coaching program of thorough preparation, incremental training and accountability from a coach and other participants, runners gain the confidence and preparation they need to finish their first event.” The program is intended for beginning runners without any experience with the purpose of creating healthy lifestyles. The program begins January 27, and the week by week training routine will equip the most basic levels of runners and walkers to be ready to participate in a 5K on April...

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8:30am WOD 11/7/13

1. Dynamic Warmup 2. 10 Rounds of 10 for time: - Box Jumps, Wall Ball Shots, KB Swings, Push Press, SB Knee Tucks 3. Stretch 4. EAT LOTS OF PROTEIN!!! and some veggies with a large glass of milk to wash it down…maybe dessert...

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8:30AM 10-29-13 WOD

1. Dynamic Warmup 2. AMRAP Circuit x 20′ -Mat Jumps x 30 -KB Swings x 30 -SB Knee Tuck Pushups x 15 -DB Clean & Press x 30 -Run 200yds 3. AMRAP Circuit x 10′ -Standing Prowler Rope Pull/Push Sled Back x 10yds -Hammer Slams x 10ea side...

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