Congratulations to Revved UP CrossFit Member of the Month, Dusty Holyman!

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an account executive at a biotech firm and graduated with a degree in Biology from West Virginia University. I met my wife Bethany in Morgantown, and we’ve since married and had a little girl, Brenn. I recently introduced Bethany to Revved Up, and each and every day has become a competition between us at the gym. I seldom win.  

What is your most memorable CrossFit experience?

There are those moments with you hit a new PR, master a challenging technique or the rarest of occasions beat out one of the trainers (or your wife) in the day’s workout, and it’s an incredible feeling, particularly when you look back and recall your level of fitness when you started. It’s difficult to name the most memorable moment in the past few years; if you stay consistent, you’ll amaze yourself nearly every day at what you’re capable of.

Why did you try CrossFit?

It’s nearly impossible to know someone who does Crossfit and not immediately see their results and how much they feel as if they belong to a community. I just had to experience that for myself, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for my overall health.

What has been your biggest challenge or improvement?

Improving form on the Olympic weight lifting movements feels impossible at times, particularly as you add weight and adjust to catch a clean or snatch in a squat position. It’s something I’m nearly obsessed with mastering, but it’s been difficult to say the least.

What is your favorite workout?

 Murph. That sounds crazy, and it is, but a workout that intense and difficult with it’s history and ability to bring millions of athletes across the country together on the same day is something that’s amazing to be a part of.

What advice would you give to a new member?

If you’re new to Crossfit, but not to lifting or general fitness, check your ego at the door. It’s all too easy to think you’re ready for the intensity of this sport and Rx far sooner than you should. I’ve made that mistake, and you can trust in the fact that proper form and time are essential to being able to do something like this on a regular basis. Hurting yourself or burning out are common with many who give Crossfit a chance, but every movement can be scaled for anyone, of any age or any fitness level. Don’t think after a few visits that you can’t do it, believe me you can, but you have to trust the process and you’ll never regret signing up.