Congratulations to Revved Up CrossFit Member of the Month Doug Wallace!

Congratulations to Revved Up CrossFit Member of the Month Doug Wallace!

Doug Wallace member of the month

Tell us a little about yourself?

Doug started CrossFit nearly a year and a half ago. After seeing his wife and his sister become involved with CrossFit he decided to give it a try. As college athlete he has the drive to push himself to get better even after multiple knee surgeries, however, because of CrossFit he has lost weight and is able to move significantly better than before. When not in the gym Doug spends time with his wife and daughter, he also enjoys playing golf.

What is your most memorable Crossfit experience?

Any time I begin to understand a movement better, or PR on a lift, or RX a new workout. I love that feeling of accomplishment and the competitiveness.

Why did you decide to try Crossfit?

I was long overdue for a lifestyle change and my wife encouraged me because of her own CrossFit experience.

What was your biggest challenge or improvement?

Overhead squats. I didn’t have much experience with overhead lifting and with a history of knee problems squatting has always been difficult and something I have been fearful of

What is your favorite workout?

Anything that isn’t thrusters!

What advice would you give a new member?

Be patient and stay the course. Even as a lifelong athlete I still struggle with movements and pushing myself through certain workouts, but the pride that comes with seeing improvements and results is well worth it.