Congratulations to Revved Up CrossFit Member of the Month Adam Moore!

Congratulations to Revved Up CrossFit Member of the Month Adam Moore!

Congratulations to Revved Up CrossFit Member of the Month Adam Moore!

Here's a little bit of info about him and why he does Crossfit.

I work for Verizon Business as a Cisco CCIE VoIP Engineer. My wife Kathy is a retired Chief Information Officer for the State of WV. We have four children ages 26-35 and 5 grandchildren.

Most memorable experience?

The most recent would be ripping the calluses off my left hand two nights in a row from doing Toes to Bar and Kipping Pull-ups, then coming back the third day and fighting through the pain doing overhead snatches!

Why did I choose CrossFit?

I was a personal trainer for three years and a student prior to that at a local Charleston MMA gym (Butch Hiles) for two years as well as a trainer at CASCI. When we moved to Scott Depot I tried to keep up driving back and forth to teach but it was too demanding so I started looking for a local gym. I had already been doing boxing and kickboxing as well as weight training but wanted to step my training regiment up a notch so I decided to look for a CrossFit gym. Revved Up is less than 5 minutes from my house so I went one night to observe. Everyone was very nice and the facility was very diversified so it seemed like the perfect location!

Biggest challenge/improvement?

My biggest challenge is the complexity of some of the forms used for various lifts. While I have lifted weights most of my life I never have had to adhere to the forms that CrossFit uses. The lifts are different but I feel they allow better muscle and strength development. I feel I have improved quite a bit in the majority of the disciplines but still need to work quite a bit on bodyweight pull-ups.

Favorite workout?

Actually the WoD from Wed 8/3/2016. I felt like I excelled on the overhead snatches which have always been a struggle for me from a form perspective.

Advice to a new member?

Listen to the coaches instructions and don't be afraid to ask for help on the proper form for a given lift/exercise. Ensure you have good protein intake prior to class as well as after class as you will need the energy and recovery aid. Drink plenty of fluids during class, especially during the hot summer months.

Additional Comments?

For the comments section:. Brad, DJ, Zack, Casey and Kendra are awesome coaches!