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Tell us a little about yourself:

- I am a wife and mom who loves watching Zac wrestle and Alex run, doing anything outside, reading, binge watching Netflix and hanging with friends. 

What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? 

- My most memorable CrossFit experience was a competition in Huntington. A group from our gym participated and we had so much fun spending the day together, thinking we might die and realizing we were stronger than we thought.

Why did you try CrossFit?

- I tried CrossFit because Nicole Fuelhart talked me into it. I am so glad she did.

What has been your biggest challenge or area of improvement?

- My biggest challenge is overhead squats and ring dips. However, I couldn’t do a pull up when I started and I have become pretty good at them so I will not give up on conquering the above.

What is your favorite workout?

- My favorite work out is The Murph. It is difficult and challenging but feel very accomplished when it is over. And I’m glad it is only once a year!!

What advice would you give to a new member or someone wanting to try CrossFit?

-CrossFit prepares you for everyday life: lifting, bending, stepping, climbing, carrying. It is for everyone! Every exercise is modifiable for every fitness level. Every class is different so you will not get bored. If you are competitive, it will feed that need and if you are not that’s ok too. But the very best thing is the friendships you develop.



Tell us a little about yourself: 

- I am 35 years old and married to a beautiful wife with two young children. I currently work for Service Wire Company, a wire manufacturer here in Hurricane doing inside sales. I love Marshall University, having two degrees from there and also I was a four year letter winner with the football team. I have been doing CrossFit for just under a year. 

What is your most memorable CrossFit experience? 

- My first RX. I had been sedentary for so many years, even the warm ups were a challenge when I started. The workouts felt very daunting at the start, and to progress to the point to where I could hit one as prescribed within a few months felt like quite an accomplishment. 

Why did you try CrossFit? 

- The hour long classes and the high intensity fit both what I was looking for in a workout program and the limited time I have. I have several “CrossFitters” in the family who had been pushing me to give it a shot. The culture of comradery, self-challenge, and competition seemed like a good fit for a former out of shape college athlete. 

What has been your biggest challenge or improvement? 

- The answer to both has been my aerobic capacity. In the beginning I was finishing very far behind the group during most WODS even with significant scaling. Now, I can keep that pace with almost no scaling, or finish closer to the “vets “with limited scaling. Having a better motor has allowed me to now focus even more on strength and form. 

What is your favorite workout? 

- It didn’t have a name, but it was multiple rounds of deadlift, hang power cleans, push jerk and rowing. Increasing weight every round. Literally my three favorite lifts. It was my second RX, and a WOD where I felt like my size actually gave me an advantage. It was nice to finish ahead of the little guys for once! 

What advice would you give to a new member? 

- 2 Things 

1. Do benchmark WODS to prevent getting discouraged. If you’re showing up and doing the classes, you ARE getting better. But every WOD is so varied (which keeps it interesting!) it can be difficult at times to gauge progress from one WOD to the next. 

2. Your motor is very important, push yourself during rests to get back going just a little faster than what you’re comfortable and it will pay off. The extra 5 seconds rest wouldn’t make much of a difference on the next set, and over time if you take this mentality you’ll find yourself needing shorter and shorter breaks.

Congratulations to Revved Up Crossfit Member of the Month Charlie Nutt!


Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to the area in 1982 for my job and have been here ever since. I raised two sons here and now have 2 grandsons as well. My main hobby is cycling, though mountain biking is my favorite thing to do.

What is your most memorable Revved Up experience?

There isn’t one specific memory that sticks out, but I’ve really enjoyed meeting new, like-minded friends who enjoy getting fit and trying new exercises. I think that’s what being a member is all about.

Why did you try Bootcamp?

I had knee surgery in 2012 and came to Teays Physical Therapy Center for my rehab. After graduating from my therapy (and probably driving my therapist, Cindy crazy), I joined to get in better overall shape. I figured that it would help support my cycling hobby and improve my overall health. I really the combination of cardio, strength, and many more workouts that we do.

What has been your biggest challenge or improvement?

Overall, I am in much better shape than when I started. I still have some room for improvement though, as my flexibility still needs work.

What is your favorite workout?

I really enjoy anything that we do for core strengthening because a strong core is a major part of cycling. I love those barbell rollouts! I’d be okay if we left out the burpees though…

What advice would you give a new member?

It isn’t about how fast or strong you are today. It’s about taking the first step, committing to improvement, having fun, and getting that heart rate up. Don’t get discouraged in the beginning. Stick with it and you will see improvement. If you are not able or comfortable performing an exercise, ask the instructor for modifications. They always have alternatives for you.