Personal Training

The highly trained staff at Potential PLUS offers customized team, group & individual strength & conditioning programs using advanced training methods. Our 18,000 sq ft facility allows individuals, groups or entire teams to train together for strength, power, speed, agility & conditioning. From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, our programs cater to a wide variety of athletes and non-athletes.

If you are looking to get bigger, faster, stronger and more athletic, all while taking your conditioning to a level you never thought possible, then Potential PLUS is the perfect place for you.

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Trevor Starcher doing double plate pushes

Trevor Starcher doing double plate pushes

Trevor Starcher
Personal Training Client and Midfielder for Marshall University’s Men’s Soccer Team

"I began training at Potential PLUS in December 2009 after my high school freshman soccer season. I chose them because I needed to get to the next level with speed, agility, strength, and vertical jump and they provided me with the equipment and coaching to develop me into a better and more mature athlete. My personal goals were to get faster, quicker, and stronger. I went from running a 5 second to 4.5 second 40 yard sprint. I increased my vertical jump to the point I could dunk a basketball whenever I wanted. I also went from weighing 130 to 160 pounds by gaining muscle through lifting weights."



Bethany Drury
Personal Training Client and Thrower for Marshall University’s Women’s Track and Field Team

Bethany Drury – WV class AAA State shot put record 2012

Bethany Drury – WV class AAA State shot put record 2012

“I found out about the Potential PLUS program after I was picked as a Trackster of the Week award winner my junior year in high school and heard about the program through the interview. I chose to train with them because I wanted to get stronger for shot put and discus and Brad happened to be an experienced thrower. My goals were to set new records in my senior year by becoming stronger and more powerful.

Potential PLUS helped me have a great senior season in which I placed first in the shot put and discus in AAA at the State Meet and set a new state record in the shot put. While training at Potential PLUS I learned the proper technique of the Olympic lifts to prepare me for my college athletics at Marshall University.

I strongly recommend Potential PLUS to anyone, especially high school athletes who have high hopes of pursuing athletics at a higher level.”