Kidz Fit

Kidz Fit is a unique training program for developing athletes and recreational students 8-12 years old and up and others may be accepted special invitation*. “Kidz Fit" improves:

  • foot speed

  • coordination

  • balance

  • agility

  • flexibility

  • body control

These abilities are critical for motor learning and development. The class consists of a warm-ups, speed and agility drills, running technique, balance, flexibility exercises, and challenging but fun obstacle courses.

Kidz Fit offers a sense of belonging, allowing children to make new friends and develop life long social skills, healthier habbits and leadership abiliites. 

Kidz Fit classes are held on a continual basis until May, at that point sessions will be created that last approximately 8 weeks. (Ends Feb 11) All children are welcome to join ANY and/or ALL of our Kidz Fit classes throughout the year. We encourage ongoing participation in the program as athletic performance will continue to improve over time. (Schedule and sessions vary)

***Limited to the first 10 registered*** Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:00 p.m. - Cost: $100.00 for the first child and an additional $75.00 for each additional child.  

* Special Invitation: Please call for more information. 

To register for Kidz Fit, please visit our Register Now page or contact (304) 757 – 7293 for more information.